Meet Chef Nikki

Dominique Jones, affectionately known as "Chef Nikki," is an aspiring master baker and pastry chef. She began baking with her grandmothers at the tender age of eight years old and fell in love. Baking has always been more of a therapeutic experience for her. She was bullied often as a child and teen so baking became an escape and sense of self validation for her. She created Scratch My Batch so that she may eventually provide a place to teach young aspiring professionals technical skills of baking and also provide a safe place for those who may have experience bullying as she did.


It's All In The Family

Scratch My Batch is a family oriented business. Chef Nikki's greatest support system is her family and friends, they are always on board with helping in the kitchen and building the brand. We are a delectable desserts concierge that specializes in baked goods and pastries that are baked from scratch. With the level of difficulty, it takes to create the smoothest custard, lightest mousse and softest cake this is what makes our desserts standout from the rest. Please check out our menu to take a look at our delicious desserts. It is our mission to provide the best tasting experience from the freshest ingredients possible! So, have you had your batch scratched yet?


Nikki's Techniques

Chef Nikki has dedicated more of her time to teaching basic skills for baking and decorating. She chooses to partner with After School matters programs that offer baking and pastry programs. She herself grew up in a not so safe neighborhood so she knows what it feels like to have the feeling of wanting to escape and just be yourself. Nikki wants the youth she teaches to feel a sense of security when they join her. She wants them to know the classroom is a safe place for them to express their creativity without being judge. She hopes each student leaves with more confidence in themselves and a beautiful creation that is a reflection of them.